Dear clients, The puppy’s wellbeing at Fairwood Pet Center has always been of the utmost importance to us. Due to the recent outbreak of the H3N2 Canine Influenza virus (dog flu) reported by King County, Fairwood Pet Center has implemented a vaccination protocol for our puppies to decrease the risk of infection. With our current sanitation procedures in addition to this new vaccination, we want our customers to continue to be secure in the fact that we will continue to provide the healthiest happiest animals possible. Please inquire with an associate if you have any questions. Thank you, The Staff at Fairwood Pet Center (425)271-9344


Fairwood Pet Center

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Fairwood Square, in between Albertson's and The UPS Store.

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Whether it is finding a new four-legged member of the family or some everyday supplies, we have what you need. Each member of our staff is a pet enthusiast with the knowledge needed to guide you to the best products or solutions for your pet. We offer a wide selection of premium pet foods for cats and dogs. If you need a specialized food for an animal with allergies or are looking to switch to an overall healthier food come talk to our experts. They can guide you through the maze of grain free, gluten free, and single source protein foods to help you find the one to fit your pet’s needs. Come browse our aisles of toys and treats of every style and variety along with collars, harnesses and leashes. In addition to our extensive selection for dogs & cats, we have a variety for your other critters too:
  • Fish food, (including frozen blood worms).
  • Bird food, plus millet treats to keep them happy.
  • Large & small crickets and regular, giant, superworms, king mealworms, superworms.
  • Small animal essentials (guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla, mice, rat, hamster, and gerbil) food, hay, bedding, & treats.
If you do not see something on the shelf, chances are we can special order it for you at no additional cost.

Our single purpose is to provide our customers with the products & services they need to live happy healthy lives with their pets.

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